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Uniformation Mega Bundle

Uniformation Mega Bundle

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In this Bundle:

  • GKTWO 8K Printer
  • UniFormation Ultrasonic Resin Cleaner W230
  • Uniformation UV Resin Curing Station

GKTWO 8K Printer

  • 【10.3'' Larger Build Volume】UniFormation GKtwo 3D resin printer has a larger build volume than most resin printers currently on the market at 10.3'' (228*128*245mm). 
  • 【8K Monochrome Screen】 GKtwo resin printer adopts a matrix parallel light source with HD resolution 7680*4320 and the XY resolution is 29.6 microns. Additionally, the upgraded anti-scratch film on the LCD helps to protect the screen from any accidental resin leakage.
  • 【Built-in Heating System】Have you ever had to stop printing due to dropping winter temperatures? Well then, we have you covered, the GKtwo uses inbuilt PTC ceramic heating technology, heating the machine up to 80°F based on the existing ambient temperature. 
  • 【Odor Removal Filter】 UniFormation GKtwo unique odor purification circulatory system uses honeycomb carbon filters the machine absorbs most of the harmful odor normally associated with resin printing. However, should you be printing constantly and for long periods of time it is recommended to replace the filters every 15 days for optimal air purity.
  • 【High Compatibility】GKtwo is compatible with Chitubox and UniFormation slicer. We strongly recommend UniFormation Prusa to access the latest preset profiles by Uniformation engineers. 

UniFormation Ultrasonic Resin Cleaner W230

  • 【Flexible Washing Methods】The design of the washing machine has a special slot for the GKTwo build plate, which makes for a quick process as the plate is fully submerged in cleaning fluid for thorough cleaning.  Alternatively, the basket can be used for models removed from the build plate for direct cleaning.  A fine mesh in the basket ensures small parts stay put.
  • 【Ultrasonic Deeply Cleaning】 UniFormation Cleaner adopts powerful ultrasonic technology, using high-frequency vibrations running at 40KHz to provide uniform and gentle at removing resin from models in just a few seconds, with no risk of damage.
  • 【Easy Operation】The clamshell design makes it simple to use. Closing the cover allows you to store the cleaning fluid for later re-use. When a fluid change is needed, the equipped draining port makes it a simple task. Made with corrosion-resistant materials, this resin cleaner outperforms plastic machines.
  • 【7L Large Capacity】Huge 7L (228L*128W*200H) capacity means even your larger models will fit with ease.  It is fully compatible with our GKTwo printer as well as almost every other DLP / SLA 3D printer available today.
  • 【Intuitive Control Panel】Equipped with an LED touch screen, intuitive digital display, and precise time control, washing models become simple. The easy-to-read display can be set from 0-10 mins for a variety of model sizes and details.  The typical wash cycle is 3 minutes. Note: Never use the cleaner without liquid!

Uniformation UV Resin Curing Station

  • 【Large Curing Station】 Curing volume: 260mm(D)*160mm(H)/10.2in(D)*6.3in(H), suitable for most resin 3D printer prints.
  • 【Four LED Strips】 4 LED strips with 16 UV lights, on both sides of the machine, at the bottom of both the turntable and the cover.
  • 【Anti-UV Cover】Made of a high-quality metal shell with flip-up cover, it can block up to 99% of UV light, safer than plastic cover.
  • 【See-through Window】Transparent window is convenient to observe the curing prints at any time.
  • 【Easy Operation】A digital control system for easy operating, measured in minutes, the default curing time is three minutes, no upper time limit.
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